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Moment of Grace

  /   Sunday February 02, 2003  

This morning, I had a quite ordinary moment of grace. I have thought about how I do so little penance. I’m not much on mortification. I was told by a priest that God will invite me to it when the time comes, and I won’t be so resistant.

This morning, I got to Mass at about my usual time. The parking lot for 9 AM Mass was full. This is unusual for this Mass. I got there, and there did not appear to be any seats. Well, it’s time to do penance. Later we were told that there were seats up front, but I didn’t go up there. I did decide, however, that I could find a pew after Communion that was vacated by a member of the Iscariot Society.

I praise God that he gave me just what I was in need of. I put up a little resistance, but I was able to do it by his grace.

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