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Blog Shut-Down-A-Thon

  /   Thursday February 06, 2003  

Has the popularity of blogging run it’s course? It seems that there are a lot of blogs shutting down.

Tom Abbott left rather suddenly. He didn’t say goodbye. He didn’t even leave his old posts up. We just one day go to his blog and see that it was deleted.

Jeff Miller has stopped his blog. I’m glad he left his existing posts because there is plenty of fun reading there. Fortunately, he says he’ll be back with another blog. I hope he comes back soon.

However, the biggest surprise came from Amy Welborn. She was one person whom I could always count on to blog no matter what day it was. It’s like she felt it was her sworn duty to blog every day. Then again, maybe that’s why she decided she needed to shut down.

Well, I will continue on for now. There may be times when I don’t post very often, but I have no plans to shut down anytime soon, especially since this blog is now integrated with my site.

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