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Losing our Sense

  /   Thursday February 06, 2003  

I have often thought that, as a society and a church, we have lost a sense of the sacred. I still think so. However, I think that the problem is far deeper than that.

I see that we have lost a sense of, well . . . . er . . . . reality. This precedes the sense of the sacred. In other words, there is not much sense that there is a real God who really sent his son to die on a cross and who really hears our prayers and who will really judge us at the end of time. Even where there is belief in God, the sense of his reality is lost.

Perhaps some people feel free to play around with the Liturgy because it doesn’t “really” matter in their eyes. We think we can gather whatever insight we want that leads us “closer to God.” Nevermind that things which contain bad theology lead us not towards God but towards something else. As for sin, well, what does that really matter anyway.

In a pluralistic society, we can be misled into thinking we can decide for ourselves who God is because there is supposedly no objectively real God out there. We deceive ourselves into thinking that beliefs are all arbitrary.

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