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The Need for Concrete

  /   Friday February 07, 2003  

Yesterday, I blogged about a lost sense of reality. Today, inspired by this post by Greg Popcak, I will blog about concrete . . . not the stuff you put on sidewalks and streets, mind you.

When I was in the Doctor of Pharmacy program down in Jackson, Mississippi, I went to a church pastored by a middle-aged Irish immigrant priest. On many an occasion, I felt a need to do something with my life after hearing his homilies. I have hardly felt that since leaving that parish.

It seems that most homilies and other statements I hear are so generalized that I can easily rationalize saying that I’m already living that message. Rather than stating we have a duty to oppose a specific war that may occur in the near future (not that I am necessarily opposed to it), we might hear something about how we need to work for “peace and justice.” As a result, few are aware that there are concrete changes that need to be made in their lives. I have often been one of them. Not only that, but many resent it or ignore it when someone finally does preach that something that they are doing is not right. For example, look at the reactions of some politicians to the recent CDF statement on Catholic politicians.

How we so desparately need concrete formation for living as a Christian in today’s world! How we could be making a world of difference right now if we had it!

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