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Ice, Ice, Baby

  /   Wednesday February 26, 2003  

I guess you thought I was going to write about Vanilla Ice. Nope, you’re wrong. I’m going to write about the ridiculous weather we’ve had here in Memphis. I have been here three and a half years, and I’ve never seen a winter like this. We usually have one day of snow per year that is going by the next day.

Well, now we have had several days of snow. Most days it hasn’t stuck. Yesterday, it was all over the place as caked-on ice. This morning, my car had so much ice on it I couldn’t clean it off in time for Mass. Fortunately, it wasn’t on the road. More frozen dihydrogen monoxide is expected to fall today.

So much for global warming. Oh well, summer will get here, and I’ll be complaining that it is as hot as Gehenna. This reminds me of a story about a lady who moved here from North Dakota. She can handle the below zero temperatures fine, but here in Memphis she is cold because of the way people run their air-conditioners down here.

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