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  /   Wednesday February 26, 2003  

I had someone ask on a comment what music I have been buying if not secular. Well, I’ve bought some hymn CDs, one Gregorian chant CD, but most of what I’ve bought has been praise music. Although I don’t think these songs belong at Mass, they aren’t bad for private listening. Being at a Steubenville conference got me into it despite the fact that I didn’t like their music when I had to sing it up there.

Some of the songs are kind of quiet and reflective, and they are good for prayer. The masculine language in these songs, mainly written by Protestants, seems odd to a Catholic. I prefer the actual praise music to other Christian music that might not even mention God in it.

Yet, I must admit that it was a big disappointment to hear only this kind of music when I was in Steubenville. I expected to see the ultimate in Liturgy and liturgical music, and instead it was the same praise music one would expect to hear at a youth rally. Like I said, I enjoy listening to that kind of music, but singing it is very difficult for me.

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