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Fallen Angel Theory

  /   Friday March 14, 2003  

I’ve heard many times over about a theological speculation of why Satan and his legion decided not to serve God. I find this to be an awesome mystery given that angels don’t have anything that resembles our human weakness, didn’t have anyone outside of them to tempt them, and have a far better intellect and a far better understanding of what they are doing than we do when we sin.

The theory is that the angels refused to serve God when they were made aware of the Incarnation. They did not want to serve a God who was to become a lower creature. However, I see a major hole in that speculation:

Man fell when he was tempted by the serpent, a fallen angel. The Incarnation was part of God’s plan of redemption because of the fall. If having seen the Incarnation caused the angels to fall, then the cause of the fall was something that happened as a result of it. It seems that the angels, by working to protect man instead of tempting him, could have prevented the Incarnation and therefore prevented their difficulty with serving the Lord.

Of course, it is always possible that the Incarnation was destined to occur regardless of what happened. It could be that man did not need the temptation to fall but would have done so without it. In these cases, my problem no longer holds. I’d sure like to hear how the proponents of this theological speculation address these questions.

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