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  /   Wednesday April 02, 2003  

As I have mentioned before, I have been chosen to be my cousin’s Confirmation sponsor. I was just given information about the retreat and ceremony, and the paper had the following information:

You may wear jeans. Absolutely NO SHORTS, halters, sleeveless tops, tank tops, no stomach showing (You have to be able to raise your hands over your head and not show your stomach). No tight clothing . . . we will be sitting on the floor a lot . . . . Do not bring cell phones or beepers. Purses will be collected at the door when you register and be returned when you leave.

Oh, how times have changed. Then again, I was confirmed in a small town parish where many a parent was present. People colored the handouts with a pencil during the talks, but cell phones and beepers were not a problem. This is probably because they were too expensive back then. I guess the bad part of this is that it is representative of a group of people who are forced to be there. This could be prevented by proper formation.

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