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Busted Halo and Contraception

  /   Friday May 16, 2003  

I will probably be either blasted, kick off the Busted Halo forum, or both. What did I do? I posted this in the contraception discussion:

I’m a little late in the discussion, but I do see something that has been missed. It seems that the thorny issue that has been brought up is whether or not a couple’s inability to provide for another child makes the decision to use contraception morally permissible.

The answer is: no, it does not.

This does not mean that the couple must have another child. However, it does not allow the use of intrinsically evil means to prevent conception. Artificial contraception is intrinsically evil, meaning that it is wrong regardless of intent or circumstance. The end of not having children is not necessarily wrong, and in some cases may even be obligatory.

The morally permissible means would be A) use Natural Family Planning or B) abstain from intercourse. This is not an easy road to take. This underscores the importance of choosing the marriage partner who is hellbent on you achieving your eternal salvation. Even if this did not turn out to be the case, God will provide the grace if we only trust. Jesus did say that we are to enter through the narrow gate.

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