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U.S. Pseudo-Catholic on Orthodoxy

  /   Friday May 16, 2003  

Some of you may know that Karl Keating sends out an e-letter to people who signed up. I get it about once a week. Go here to sign up.

I mention this because he featured this article from U.S. Pseudo-Catholic in his newsletter. Basically, it’s the U.S. Pseudo-Catholic take on the orthodoxy movements in the Church. The article is replete with terms that say something to the effect of “what they see as orthodoxy” or “what they called a conversion experience,” reducing conversion and orthodoxy to mere subjectivism. When they use terms of orthodoxy and truth in their article, much of the time it is in quotes.

The real problematic passages are towards the end of the article, probably so that they will have the last word. After calling orthodox Catholics “to the right of Attila the Hun,” a Redemptorist priest goes on to say:

“I am convinced that fundamentalism, or looking to orthodoxy, has nothing to do with faith,” he says. “It has to do with fear. In an age of insecurity, people grab on to the tradition to tell them what to believe.”

Father Hansen, if you are convinced of this, then you have been deceived. May God remove the blinders from your eyes! It has everything to do with faith. Faith requires an object. This is something that people who think like you have never understood. The fact is that is is impossible to give our life, love, and allegiance to a God who is nothing and no one in particular. A God who is a product of our own inner feelings could not have created us.

Not insisting on orthodoxy can be a matter of fear or sloth. It can be fear of having something demanded of you that you are not willing to do. It can also be sloth, a desire to do nothing that you do not want to do. God’s grace allows us to overcome these. People who think like you have a tendency to give in to personal desires rather than strive to overcome the ones that need to be rooted out.

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