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  /   Saturday June 14, 2003  

Many of you know that I own two domains. I bought cdavidancell.com because davidancell.com was taken at the time. Later, davidancell.com became available again, and I bought it. However, I have noticed that I get all kinds of spam on some plain awful things on my old domain.

Because of this, I have programmed all mail going to my old cdavidancell.com address to bounce. You will have to fill out my mail form (see the link on this page to contact me) to get in touch with me. I now receive no spam at my davidancell.com domain, and I want to keep it that way. The e-mail address is not published.

I noticed an increase in spam when I started to use free blogging and commenting tools. Has anyone else noticed that? Now that I have everything on my server, I don’t get spam on my new addresses.

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