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More Apologetics from Me to Busted Halo

  /   Wednesday July 09, 2003  

Take a look at this forum on Busted Halo. I know not what is in the heart of the guy who started this thread, but here is my response in case they decide to delete it:

To understand the teaching on homosexuality, one must understand the natural law. Basically, if you wish to prosper, you must use things according to their nature. To put it in the words of Frank Sheed in A Map of Life, you do not know what a thing is if you know what it is for. He gives the example of a man who has never shaved before who discovers and razor and learns that it cuts. He proceeds to use it to cut wood. He doesn’t cut very much wood, and he destroys the razor.

Our sexuality has a purpose. Earlier documents of the Church would state that the primary end of marriage is procreation while unity and companionship were secondary ends. More recent documents, whether by intention or not, do not include the primary and secondary distinction, but either way the two ends of marriage are inseparable. The result is that each and every sex act must be open to God’s creation of new life. The beauty is lost on many of us because our society views children as a burden and expense rather than as a gift.

The Church teaches that homosexuality is objectively disordered. God may have created the person, but he did not cause the disorder any more than he is a direct cause of any other disorder. Our sins did that. Neither is it necessarily the fault of the individual that he/she is attracted to someone of the same sex, just as it would be with any disorder.

Naturally we can know that there is something wrong with homosexual behavior in two ways. First, our bodies are not made for it. Unlike those of a heterosexual couple, the parts just don’t fit. Therefore, the act cannot truly be unitive. Second, it is utterly impossible that the act can result in procreation, which can happen between two people of the opposite sex.

Now, I want to talk about some points addressed on this thread:

1. First, there is more to us than our sexuality. Our identity is not wrapped up in sex. There is far more to life than sex, and sex is not a basic human right. Despite our modern culture, it is quite possible to live while you alive without sex. The fact that sex was saved for the one we marry will give it a great significance in a relationship and make a much more stable marriage because one has done with one’s spouse what one has not done with any other. In any event, celibacy is not a denial of one’s identity.

2. It is true that not everyone who calles himself/herself Catholic will agree with the Church’s teaching. However, a concensus is not required for the teaching to be authentic.

3. The overpopulation theory is just that. It’s actually quite divisive since even the UN realizes that developed countries are about to experience a decrease in population because they are contracepting themselves out of existence.

4. It’s been my experience that most people who dissent from Church teaching on sexual morality got away with it. That’s why we have the scandal today. The dissenters lived what they believed while our shepherd acted like hired men.

5. Can our sins hurt God?  Let us not forget that the second person of the Holy Trinity, Jesus Christ, took on human flesh and suffered and died for our sins. Our sins drove those nails into his hands and feet.

Finally, no matter what one’s sexual orientation, living a chaste life is difficult. It may require us to forego what we think will be pleasurable, but God sees the big picture and has our ultimate good in mind. The problem that I see is that the Church’s teachings on sexuality have been taught as a bunch of seemingly arbitrary rules rather than the good they truly are.


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