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Death Penalty for Skittle Theft?

  /   Sunday July 13, 2003  

This author on Busted Halo’s forums is still bent on trivializing human sexuality. He likened the condemnation of a man who commits sexual sin with someone getting the death penalty for stealing a bag of Skittles. Here is my reply:

I am quite concerned with your trivialization of human sexuality. It is not that sex is a sin or a crime but rather the misuse of one’s sexuality. Because sex is the means by which God brings new human life into the world, it is far more serious than eating a bag of Skittles. There is still even some vestige of it left in our society by the fact that rape is not a misdemeanor but a felony.

St. Thomas of Aquinas explained well why condemnation for even a momentary sin is just. Some “momentary sins” are of grave proportions. In this day and age, murder can be a momentary sin, but it can land you in the slammer for life and can also land you in Hell for all eternity if you die unrepentant. Therefore, it is not the time it takes you to commit the sin but rather the gravity of the act.

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