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  /   Sunday July 13, 2003  

I predict that the Supreme Court may be called to rule on the following predicted cases:

1. A customer service representative will be hired at a well-known business to answer the phones. He will overhear his coworker saying “Thank you and God bless” before hanging up the phones. Since his coworker was evidentally allowed to say this, he will decide to bless others according to his own faith. Therefore, he will be caught ending a call saying “Thank you, and may the Devil take you!” because he is a Satanic worshiper. He will be fired and will sue for damages.

2. A student will be expelled from a “Catholic” university and arrested for assault and battery after spraying a heretical theology professor with holy water during a lecture on how the multiplication of the loaves didn’t really happen. The professor will claim that he suffered second-degree burns from the water, which was no warmer than room temperature.

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