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  /   Saturday July 19, 2003  

Another person on the Paulists’ Busted Halo site is questioning the Church’s teaching on homosexuality. She has then expressed complaints about being told to just accept things without question. Here is my response:

Sometimes our commitment to Christ requires us to accept teachings that we do not understand and perhaps don’t seem right to us. This is when we have to have faith that the Holy Spirit is still in charge. Often the litmus test of faith is that we believe what we don’t want to believe or do what we don’t want to do. This doesn’t mean that faith consists entirely of doing what we don’t want. However, if we just do things that we wanted to do anyway, there is no way to discern if we acted out of love for God or were just doing things that we would have done anyway.

We can and should question things. We should have “faith seeking understanding.” We should always believe what the Church teachings because Christ said that the gates of Hell would never prevail against her and gave her the power to bind and loose. When we have areas that we are having trouble believing, we must pray and study. Keep in mind, though, that the idea that if, after prayer and study, it is then okay to reject the teaching is false teaching.

Remember that Christ called us not to form opinions about everything but to follow him. He called us not to follow our personal feelings, but to follow him. He told his apostles that he who hears them hears him. Therefore, the teaching of the Magisterium must be believed in order to be in communion with the Church.

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