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Raging Storm

  /   Tuesday July 22, 2003  

We have just had a colossal storm here in Memphis. It went through the whole city and caused all sorts of damage even though there was no known tornado. I am currently without power and am connecting by dial-up running on my laptop’s battery power. The running water isn’t working so well, either.

I didn’t know how bad this storm was until I took a short drive through a main road (Germantown Parkway). I saw a big metal church sign down. All of the stoplights were down, and some of them were torn off their posts or even split in half (i.e. the part with the green and yellow light was torn off the red light). I saw fences down and a lot of tree limbs on the ground. I heard on the radio that some people have trees in their living room now. I also heard that some power lines fell and shattered windshields and partially crushed cars, but I did hear that those people appear to be okay.

If you are reading this, please pray for us in Memphis. Please pray that we get our power back soon and get things repaired. I am okay, but others aren’t so lucky.

UPDATE:Check this report out.

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