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  /   Monday July 21, 2003  

I don’t think I posted the fact that I was able to have a nice, brief conversation with Dr. Alan Schreck while in Steubenville. For those of you who do not know him, he is the chairman of the theology department at Franciscan University of Steubenville. He is the author of the well-known book Catholic and Christian.

I was able to confirm that he has two new books coming. The first is a version of Catholic and Christian for teenagers. I figure this will be perfect for my 14-year-old cousin. He is also writing a badly-needed book on Vatican II and what it said. I told him that I was glad to hear that he was doing that because that book is badly needed. The only downside is that it will be next year before we see either of these books per Dr. Schreck. Oh well, I’m glad to see they are coming.

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