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Homosexuality in the Priesthood

  /   Tuesday July 29, 2003  

I remember about a year ago when someone discovered this document that seemed to say that people with homosexual tendencies should not be admitted to the seminary. Well, Pete Vere posts his comments which indicate the document is not as simple as it seems. I have no reason to believe him anything other than a faithful Catholic, and he is an expert. I did have a question that I posted in his comment box that is as follows:

Thanks for the comments. I’m sure that these things aren’t as clear as they seem to most people. However, I do have a thought . . .

It seems that anyone who is currently acting on a sexual attraction, heterosexual or homosexual, would not be fit for the priesthood. If acting upon the inclination is necessary to meet the definition, then why is homosexuality singled out? I guess it is plausible to think that active homosexuality constitutes a worse danger since a seminarian will be in with a bunch of men. What do you think?

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