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  /   Wednesday July 30, 2003  

I saw this post on Catholic Light about parish shopping. Until I came to Memphis, I always went to the parish I lived in. Of course, I had little choice in the first couple of places I lived because there was only one in the general area.

However, once I moved to Memphis, I decided to seek a parish that had some young adults like me and a young adult ministry. I chose St. Louis Church and have not regretted the decision. We have the Frassati Society, of which I am the webmaster. One might criticize me saying that I just needed to start one myself, but at this point my faith was just beginning to revitalize, and I was in no position to do this.

I disagree with what some of John Schultz wrote. I am a very distractable person, and I try to avoid the church-in-the-round design and the priests who say only an approximation of the Mass. I wonder if the best way to handle a dissident pastor is for as much of the congregation as possible to empty the parish. I’ll bet bishops would be more attuned to rooting out dissent if this happened. Furthermore, I know well that I am still in need of further formation, and I won’t get it from a heterodox pastor.

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