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Harry Potter Problem

  /   Wednesday September 10, 2003  

I’ve seen plenty of things written in Catholic magazines about how evil Harry Potter is. Although I’ve never read the books and don’t plan to, I wish these guys would get over it and find something better to attack. Take a look at this article on Catholic Exchange by Mark Shea for suggestions.

There is clearly room for disagreement regarding Harry Potter. If we spend time trying to build cases on it, we waste time that can be used for other things. On top of that, we make it harder to get people to take us seriously. I found one RadTrad site once that started spewing about how evil it is for women to wear pants. Where in the Cathechism did they find that? One noted apologist even advocates Geocentricism (the earth is the center of the universe instead of the sun). It’s fine to believe it but idiotic to argue it as dogma. Satan is clever enough to hook us on something that is light matter, and we miss the stuff that’s really important.

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