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  /   Wednesday October 22, 2003  

One would hope that doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc. went into their respective professions to save lives. Even though there may well be a point in which we must concede that death is inevitable, why must we be quick to determine someone is in a “persistent vegetative state” so that we can murder them? I found this post says it all.

I have my suspicion as to what the reason is. Our health care is so often governed by insurance companies whose best interests easily conflict with those of the patient. I can testify that they make life a living hell for health care workers. Medicaid is the worst; each state has its own set of regulatory hoops that we have to jump through.

Granted, Terri Shiavo may never make a full recovery. However, does this give us the right to say that her life is not worth living? Heaven forbid that we make ourselves the judge of the value of any individual’s life! Only God can judge who is to live and who is not.

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