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Partial-Birth Abortion

  /   Thursday October 23, 2003  

The New York Times reports that many pro-aborts in Congress voted to ban partial-birth abortion. Some of their comments indicate that they have something that resembles a conscience. Others were probably doing so in hopes that they would be left alone and that the courts would then tear the ban to pieces.

Yet, the most interesting comment came from Senator Blanche Lincoln:

“Trying to legislate what doctors can do,” she said, “is a very dangerous thing.”

Um, excuse me, but insurance companies do this all the time. Besides, do we wish to give doctors the authority to murder any patient they deem undesirable. Come to think of it, don’t we have state medical boards for a reason. Believe me, there are plenty of people who legislate what doctors can do, and it is necessary to protect people from unscrupulous practices. You are voting to prevent doctors from murdering near full-term babies by a gruesome procedure. You had better have more repugnance towards that.

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