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She Has a Point

  /   Monday November 17, 2003  

Other than the fact that Jesus has risen from the dead and is alive today, this lady has a point. It seems that we’ve had more than our share of historical revisions in the last 15 years.

Take, for example, the Oliver Stone movie JFK. I didn’t see it and don’t plan to. A poll was taken in my high school, and it revealed that many people believed that garbage. My American History teacher politely said that he didn’t. I’ve also seen some recent attempts to trash Abraham Lincoln.

It may be true that most of our historical figures are not total saints with 100% pure intentions (with the exception of Jesus Christ). However, trashing them to sell books and movies is just wrong. If their allegations are true, it’s detraction; if not, calumny. Both of these are grave matter.

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