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French to Ban Conspicuous Religious Garb

  /   Saturday December 13, 2003  

It appears that the French method of dealing with “religious pluralism” is to ban conspicuous religious garb. It appears that their means to accomodate people is to accomodate no one. Do they really think that this will help them?

I can assure them it won’t. For starters, the French, like many Europeans, have no doubt been contracepting themselves out of existence. The Muslims don’t do this. On top of that, you can bet that the Europeans don’t bother to evangelize much. Therefore, the Muslims will become a very significant force in Europe. If they are prohibited from wearing what many feel they are obliged to wear, they will form their own private institutions and be alienated from the rest of the population. As they grow in population (and they will), it could lead to unspeakable political problems. Then again, Sharia law may be preferable to the lives that many of them are leading now.

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