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Pro-Aborts Threatening to Sue C-Fam

  /   Saturday December 13, 2003  

I just ran across a news item that the Center for “Reproductive Rights” is threatening to sue the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute because they revealed the Center’s strategy. They are claiming that “irreparable harm” has been caused. Well, they are probably right, but they need to be exposed for who they are. They somehow think they should be immune from media scrutiny, I guess.

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood appears to have had quite a heyday. Just look at the money they are making by murdering babies. Imagine if a hitman were caught who killed born children for money. Imaging if he made over $700 million. There would be great public outrage and cries for the death penalty. However, Planned Parenthood is allowed to do this and collect taxpayer money.

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