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  /   Thursday January 22, 2004  

Now, Steve Kellmeyer suggests that the reason we have these outrageous package inserts is because of oral contraceptives. Much of what he says proves the point I tried to make in my last post. I don’t know if the history he presents is accurate or not, but it well could be given my experience with how our government treats anything that has to do with sex.

As a pharmacist, I dread talking to a patient who actually read that package insert. Suddenly, the patient thinks he knows something he doesn’t and, in some cases, won’t take his medicine. Many pharmacists will have a story of someone who got very sick and/or was hospitalized (or even died) because he didn’t take medicine out of fear of the side effects listed in the package insert. Much of what is written there is pure CYA. For example, the package insert of Celebrex lists “accidental injury” as a side effect.

With that being said, I don’t really think that the remarks on the “dangers” or oral contraceptives by fellow pro-lifers are really warranted. I don’t like to see us base arguments on potentially bad science because it can be used to discredit us easily. We should oppose contraception because it is contrary to God’s plan for our sexuality and therefore gravely sinful.

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