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Sex, Drugs, and . . . . Death

  /   Wednesday January 21, 2004  

As I’ve written before, I find it troublesome that the FDA would even consider making the “morning-after” pill available over-the-counter. The article that I have a link to there is written by Russell Shaw, and it really gives us a good overview of how our society trivialized sex.

It seems that our government won’t pull back anything that has to do with sex regardless of the consequences. For example, Viagra is not anything that resembles a safe drug in a lot of people. If you take it with nitroglycerin, you are not likely to survive. Many people find themselves in a situation that would require Viagra because they also have a condition that requires the use of nitrates (e.g. heart conditions). Yet, I know of very few safeguards and restrictions on it. Some drugs have been restricted before, such as Propulsid, so there is a precedent.

However, there’s something that I find more distrubing in the FDA panel’s recommendation. It seems that “unintended pregnancy” is viewed by this panel, as well as many others in society, as Public Enemy #1. Heaven forbid someone have a baby! Nevermind that they engaged in an act that is well-known to cause pregnancy. Sex is designed to cause pregnancy. Sadly, as Shaw reports, we are hell-bent on separating sex from procreation. The morning-after pill could very well be the thing that causes some to be careless enough to contract more STDs. Even worse, they can ruin their souls. Our society may want to say that to think of this is to violate separation of Church and State, but facts are facts.

Hmmmm . . . I did think of something, though. There are likely many people who won’t want the embarassment of taking a morning-after pill to the checkout counter. So, it could be that having these available over-the-counter may serve to reduct their usage. If the FDA approves this, which I hope they don’t, I hope that this is what happens.

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