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Bad Move in France

  /   Wednesday February 11, 2004  

The French National Assembly has voted to ban conspicuous religious garb in public schools. It is widely believed that this law was specifically targeted at Muslim girls who wore the head scarves. I can’t figure out what on earth their problems are.

However, in watching the CBS Evening News last night, I wondered what some of these people were smoking. One lady was quoted as saying that they are trying to teach people that “The laws of the state are superior to the laws of their religion.” It is as though “religion” is some game that people play or some hobby that people engage in. If we have a mandate from God, then that goes above any human laws. The fact that a state or nation wants to secularize itself doesn’t change that in the least.

Besides, if militant Islam is really a threat, do they really think that those who pose such a threat are just going to say, “Okay, we’ll just obey the laws now.” No way in you-know-where! They will just form their own schools where they will teach their students who-knows-what. Further, they are likely to also anger those who would otherwise be law-abiding citizens.

They also have one other problem on their hands. The non-Muslim population is contracepting itself out of existence. The Muslims are not doing this. Soon, those people they seek to control will be either a really significant minority or even a majority of the population. And guess what? They won’t be secularists, and they won’t give in to the ridiculous secular philosophy.

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