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  /   Wednesday February 11, 2004  

I want to mention that Fr. John Capuci called me a couple of days ago and clarified some things for me concerning this post. The post has been edited to reflect the clarification. It was a good conversation. Of course, he did bring up topics about the Charismatic Renewal. He also recommended this book (I guess this is the right one; someone correct me if I picked the wrong one.). In any event, it shows how much I need to ask people what they meant before posting. There are some people to whom I can not and should not extend this courtesy, but Fr. Capuci doesn’t belong in any such category by a long shot.

He also said that he is coming back into town this Lent for a mission. I’m surprised that I haven’t seen any flyers yet. Although I’m not 100% sold on the Charismatic Renewal, I will tell you that he will be an excellent alternative to the fluff that often passes for a parish mission these days.

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