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  /   Wednesday February 18, 2004  

Yesterday was a sad day in the Church. Bishop O’Brien was convicted of the hit and run accusation. Definitely, the bishop should have been held accountable for his actions like anyone else, but I think the Maricopa county attorney said it well:

The Maricopa County attorney, Richard M. Romley, who just two weeks before the accident had granted Bishop O’Brien immunity from charges that he had protected priests accused of pedophilia, said in a telephone interview that the verdict “supports a very important principle, that no one is above the law.”

“It’s a sad day, too,” Mr. Romley went on. “My gosh, we had to put a bishop on trial for leaving the scene of an accident in which a person died.”

I do not know what was on the mind of the bishop at the time this all happened. I’m not here to judge that. The fact is that, when a bishop does something like this, it affects all of us in the Church. Just think of the cynical comments we will hear from people outside the Church. This isn’t just something that we can conjure an explanation for.

Most importantly now, we need to pray for the bishop. Regardless of what he has done, we should not wish for him to lose his soul. This conviction may be just what causes him to reflect and gain his salvation.

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