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  /   Wednesday February 18, 2004  

I remember the days when the Internet was mainly static pages with some pages using CGI scripts. There were no cookies. People asked me if they could get a virus from the Internet, and I told them that this was impossible unless they opened a binary file (e.g. attachment).

This is no longer true. I think Microsoft’s technology has something to do with the problem. Look at how often a new security problem is discovered. People can place spyware that tracks your Internet moves. Worms now infest a lot of e-mail (and people are still dumb enough to open them). Let’s not forget that many pornography sites will make it easy to accidentally visit them. Even the spammers now have tools to get around people’s attempts to block them.

This brings forth a thought. How is it good business to jump in the faces of people who don’t want to get your mail and don’t want your product? If someone doesn’t want spam, why would they think that people who have blocked them want to do business with them? It makes no sense . . . . but I digress.

Congress really needs to do something about these people. Actually, some treaties will be in order. Our government can do nothing about people overseas who cause the problem. However, something must be done soon. It needs to be something that doesn’t intrude on legitimate users.

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