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Another Pro-Abort Poster Contest

  /   Saturday March 13, 2004  

Do you remember the Planned Non-Parenthood poster contest celebrating choice? Well, now NARAL Pro-“Choice” America is having their own contest for a supposed March for Women’s Lives. How low can you go? How about this poster that says “March for options your grandmother didn’t have.” Excuse me, but, if your grandmother had those “options,” there is a distinct possibility that you would not be living. I think that these posters are more appropriate, but they didn’t make the finals.

What kind of choice are they supporting? Down at the bottom of the previously linked-to page is a link to this page under Pregnant? Need Help?. There’s the language included about the medical profession helping you “decide what is best for you.” Then, the contact numbers are to Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation. I wonder what “choice” they will help a woman make.

The original link was found on and stolen shamelessly from Jeanetta.

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