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Why Debate This

  /   Saturday March 13, 2004  

The House of Representatives approved legislation last Wednesday that would prevent people from suing fast-food restaurants because they are fat. Surprisingly, there are some reps who are actually arguing against this law. Here is a memorable quote:

“With all the challenges facing this country and with the limited schedule set by the Republicans this year, is this the best bill to consider?” asked Representative Jim McGovern, Democrat of Massachusetts. “Under the Republican leadership, this House has become a place where trivial issues are debated passionately and serious ones not at all.”

Oh yeah, well who is doing the debate? This is friggin’ common sense. Can’t you see the strange precedent that these lawsuits can set? People might start suing casinos because they are addicted to gambling. People could start suing credit card companies for offering them too much credit. Maybe someone will sue Dell and Gateway because they have become an electroholic.

There shouldn’t even be a debate on this one. We shouldn’t expect the court system to protect people from their own stupidity, and we surely shouldn’t reward people for it with monetary damages. If you consumed Big Macs, sausage biscuits, and Whoppers on a regular basis, what did you expect? The fact that they are claiming their burgers to be 100% beef doesn’t give you grounds for a lawsuit.

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