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  /   Saturday May 08, 2004  

Take a look at this post on Catholic periodicals. Fortunately, the one with the widest circulation is the Our Sunday Visitor. I have read little from the National Catholic Register (only a few articles that I’ve seen on-line), so I can’t compare it adequately to Our Sunday Visitor. I have read a couple of issues of The Wanderer, and I agree with the assessment in the aforementioned post.

The National Catholic Reporter is better called the National Catholic Distorter. I must give them credit for publishing the letter of Bette Woods about the true state of where the Church is headed. The fact is that the “Unitarians who still wish to call themselves Catholic” are almost entirely gray-haired or will be very soon. The sad part is that, if they don’t change their tune, they will have nothing but biterness in whatever time they have left in their lives. These people desparately need to embrace the faith as it is but seem to be lost in some kind of hippie world. Pray for them to change before it’s too late.

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