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Denial of Sin

  /   Saturday May 08, 2004  

I believe that it was Archbishop Fulton Sheen who said that it was not sin but rather the denial of sin that was our worst problem. Indeed, denial of sin destroys our chance to receive Our Lord’s healing. Many have said that we will damage someone’s sense of self-worth by telling them that something they did was wrong. However, living the lie that one is “okay” and that everything one does is “okay” has even more damaging effects.

Take a look at this article on the impact of abortion versus the impact of a miscarriage. Of note is this comment from Georgette Forney, co-founder of the Silent No More Abortion Awareness Campaign:

“My experience is that women who miscarry are usually given a small window of sympathy, but women who have abortions often resort to using drugs and alcohol to cover up the pain because the people who told us it was ok to abort our babies, don’t want to listen to our crying afterwards,” Forney explained.

The effect of sin is evident, but everyone around the woman denies the sinfulness of the deed. As a result, there is little chance of God’s healing and forgiveness getting in. The woman desparately needs to be told that indeed something is wrong and that it wasn’t okay to do what she did. However, God in his infinite mercy will forgive her and lead her to new life. It is going to require facing the reality of what she did and the reality of sin, but it is only through that reality that the goodness and mercy of Our Lord can be known.

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