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  /   Sunday May 16, 2004  

I learned last week that Louisiana lawmakers are proposing a ban on low-slung jeans. Specifically, the proposed law states that:

It shall be unlawful for any person to appear in public wearing his pants below his waist and thereby exposing his skin or intimate clothing.

Not surprisingly, an ACLU director was interviewed, and he opposes this law, saying:

It infringes on young people’s freedom of expression and their privacy rights. The zone of privacy they have and the right to be left alone.

Privacy? These people are in a public place. Dude, you can’t do things in public and claim a right to privacy. By the way, which part of the Bill of Rights says that people have the “right to be left alone?”

Furthermore, what about my “right to be left alone?” Why should I be forced to look at this indecent exposure? I hope they pass this law.

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