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  /   Sunday May 16, 2004  

In my parish, and I’m guessing many others, there are a number of second collections for various causes throughout the year. They seem to come up with little warning (other than a bulletin announcement) and few specific details on what the money is being used for. I’ve even seen the collection plate passed during one Mass with absolutely no explanation.

Today’s collection was for the Catholic Communications Campaign. I’ve read the information on what the money was used for, but who really gets this money. Can we find out exactly what was sponsored and when? Why are we giving to some campaign and not to a ministry of an individual parish or diocese? These same questions can be applied to any of these collections.

I’d also like to know what merits a second collection in a parish. For example, I’ve never seen a second collection taken for the support of Catholic Answers or EWTN. While I have seen a second collection taken up for Catholic University of America, I’ve never seen one taken up for places like Franciscan University of Steubenville (except for when I was on their campus), Ave Maria University, or Christendom College. I’ve never even seen one taken up for our local Christian Brothers University (which isn’t getting a dime from me until they demonstrate that they have their act straight).

Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind giving money to worthy causes, but they must be just that – worthy. There was once a time in which I assumed that anything that my parish collected money for must be a good cause. Sadly, I can only wish that I could have that kind of trust in my parish or diocese. I want to support causes that help the truly needy with not only their physical needs, but also with their need for the authentic truth of the Catholic Church. Does anyone have any idea what is done with this money?

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