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Ditch IE??

  /   Monday July 05, 2004  

Several bloggers have posted about security holes in Internet Explorer and whether it should be ditched in favor of Mozilla, Firefox, or Opera. Even one service owned by Microsoft is recommending FireFox. I have tried FireFox, and it is a pretty good browser.

However, I have mixed feelings about dumping IE. I use NetCaptor for most of my daily stuff. It uses MSIE’s browser engine and puts it in a tabbed interface. I like it because when I close it, I can resume surfing where I left off. It blocks popups, but sometimes it blocks popups that I want to see. In this case, I have to either disable popup blocking or switch to standard IE. I also find that my pages look best in Internet Explorer. Then again, Microsoft never seemed to quite get the browser to be completely standards-compliant.

While I like FireFox, and can’t get it to save my current location for next time. Opera can, but it seems to be a bit on the buggy side. It’s the last thing I’d use to view a PDF. NetCaptor includes its own security features to stop some of the problems with IE; however, it crashes after viewing multiple PDF files. Given that I create a lot of those for Frassati Society, it’s far from ideal.

So, I’m not sure which I will use long-term as my primary browser. If Microsoft would just give up on Active X, then it would solve most of the security issues. Some of the security holes appear to be preventable by avoiding things that one shouldn’t do anyway. As one who designs web pages, I pretty much need all the major browsers in order to test my pages. Does anyone else have an information?

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