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What’s with the Tone?

  /   Monday July 05, 2004  

Mark Shea invited comments on the tone of this blog. If he is alone in his concern about his tone, then he shouldn’t be. I know that I have looked over a lot of my posts to find a disproportionate number of slams.

I got the idea to create my own blog from reading his. I know full well that I am not the writer that he is, but I wasn’t about to let that stop me. Sometimes I really enjoy his blog. At other times, I think an extra ounce or two of charity wouldn’t hurt. However, I can’t help but notice a change in tone whenever he addresses an apparently sincere question. He really tries to give them a charitable answer. This alone makes it hard to suggest that he has become arrogant.

With this being said, I am in little position to criticize. Even if my blog doesn’t reflect it, I am becoming far more cynical about things in the Church. Some of it may be due to recent happenings in my own Diocese of Memphis. I have so far refrained from blogging most of them for various reasons. I have written a letter recently to my bishop, and I’m not about to scribble something on my blog without giving him a chance to respond. I am so tired of watching our bishops sidestep their clear duty. It seems that everything that I can find to blog is bad news.

Maybe it’s time that I and others look at how well we do our duties in our own jobs. I could stand to live the Gospel better in my own job. Then again, it’s not like I desire their damnation. I don’t. Also, harsh comments have been a part of Christianity since the beginning. Heretics were called “children of the Devil” for a reason, and the title is quite appropriate. Public criticism of falsehood is fair game as far as I’m concerned. I want our bishops repent and start preaching the Gospel. Little by little, we are starting to see it.

One commentor on another blog said that we cannot possibly be having a springtime because we must have a winter first. He asserted that it is not even September yet. I strongly disagree. I think it’s at least February. The springtime will come, not because of those people who insist that it’s here. Rather, it will come by those people who are just now coming out of the woodwork to bring it here.

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