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Merry Christmas

  /   Saturday December 25, 2004  

I want to wish everyone reading this a Merry Christmas. As always, notice that I didn’t say Happy Holidays, because, like Karl Keating, I don’t celebrate “ambiguous holidays.” This is the time that we celebrate the birth of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. How appropriate that we celebrate the Light of the World at a time when days are beginning to get longer again.

My workplace opened at 10 AM instead of 7 AM on December 23 because Memphis is caked in ice. I’ve never seen it so bad. This is the first time in the five years that I’ve lived there that any kind of snow or ice has stayed on the ground for over 24 hours. It probably won’t all go away until Sunday.

I am home in Missouri with my family right now. I’m on my dad’s computer because I’m too lazy to fire up my laptop. We ate our dinner tonight and will have a brunch tomorrow. It’s cold enough to freeze Gehenna here. My dad’s thermometer registered 0.1 degrees outside.

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