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  /   Tuesday February 22, 2005  

From what I have read lately, today will indeed be a sad day in history. The death clock for Terri Schiavo is starting again. In fact, it’s my understanding that, barring any intervention, it will have already started. Not even the most notorious of criminals in the country are condemned to death by starvation, but a woman whose only “crime” is that she is disabled will have her feeding tube removed and be slowly starved to death.

There are so many holes in this case that it is difficult to imagine why anything but ideology would lead some judge to make a decision leading to her death. No advance directive has ever been documented to have been produced stating Schiavo wanted to die. Her husband has the prospect of an inheritance upon her death and has been reported in some news sources to be living with another woman. It’s hard to fathom why these conflicts of interest are not brought to light.

However, regardless of Terri’s responsiveness or her husband’s conflicts of interest, the fact is that we are not the ones who determine whether or not life is “worth living.” From a purely natural perspective, where would this stop? It’s often cheaper and easier to kill someone than to try to help him/her. However, there’s more. Life is a gift from God, and it is not for us to determine it’s value. Those who try will have to stand before Almighty God.

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