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  /   Tuesday May 31, 2005  

I forgot to mention something in my last post. This whole gay and lesbian ministry was announced right on the heels of the drive for the Bishop’s Annual Appeal. This appeal is our diocese’s name for the fund drive that takes place to get people to give to the diocese. I used to give every year until last year.

Unless he has a wealthy homosexual or sympathizer sponsor, this is the last thing he needed while he is trying to get people to pledge money. There is no way in Gehenna that I would give a cent for this. I can’t fund immorality regardless of who requests it. I do take seriously my obligation to support the Church, but the first thing is to support the truth taught by the Church and not a cheap substitute. I wish I felt that I had a better option. I didn’t make the decision last year lightly. It was made out of genuine concern that the money had great potential to be used to fund things that weren’t in keeping with the teachings of the Church. If things improve, I would be happy to give again, and I will be happy to support any individual cause that does its work in accord with Catholic teaching (e.g. seminary fund).

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