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  /   Sunday July 10, 2005  

I must admit this even though it might not be very Christian of me . . . I like the instant gratification of downloadable purchases. I buy music almost exclusively on the Internet (usually iTunes); I can download it immediately and don’t have to buy the whole album most of the time. I just pay 99 cents per song. Software can also be purchased online and give me immediate access in most cases. However, I’m really surprized that this was available online. If you want to download over 2 GB (I am not joking.) of files, you can buy the entire Adobe Creative Suite online. If you do, you had better have a DVD burner because there ain’t no way you are backing that up on CD-ROM.

I only wish that I weren’t so sloppy at keeping my downloads organized. I would probably never find half of them if my computer crashed. I burned one set to DVD some time ago, and I’m about due to do it again.

While I am at it, I want to ramble some more. There is one real problem with downloaded music. They put you through File Format Hell. For example, I like iTunes, but the tracks will only play on either my computer or an iPod. Many other stores use Windows Media files, but they won’t play on an iPod. They will play on other players. Sony uses their own proprietary format that doesn’t play on anything that I am aware of except Sony players. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something universal that allows you to use the player of your choice?

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