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Thou Shalt Not Own an iPod

  /   Sunday July 17, 2005  

So, I guess from this title you are thinking that I am writing against the iPod. Well, no I’m not. In fact, my purpose in writing is to show that such a commandment must not exist. After all, we see that Jimmy Akin and Jeff Miller have them. Of course, I have one, too. I bought a 20 GB around October of last year.

I still have lots of space left despite having sent a lot of stuff into it. However, I am now getting into putting talks on it. Some of them are talks that I have recorded for other people and have the original files for. Others are CD-sets that I bought but didn’t want to carry around when I travelled. I have a radio transmitter for my car stero that I can use to listen while I drive. At some point, I hope to buy a new car stereo that will have an iPod hook-up. However, that may wait until I buy a new car since I don’t know what taking the stereo from one car to another will entail. Then again, that may be two years from now.

Having one small device with all my audio is great. I have a portable speaker system that allows me to set it down in a room somewhere if I so desire. I can even plug a cord into my stereo system. The only thing that would be better is a stereo with a direct link that allows me to control the iPod through the amplifier’s remote control.

However, I do have one main gripe. I want to be able to play more audio formats like WMA and Ogg Vorbis through it (or even Sony’s proprietary stuff). This would make it compatible with more music stores. Also, converting files from one lossy format to another really distorts the sound.

By the way, does anyone know of a CD-ripper software that will put everything into one continuous file? Right now, I’d have to make a separate file for each track and put them together using Adobe Audition. It’s pretty time consuming.

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