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  /   Sunday August 21, 2005  

I just heard the Holy Father’s homily at World Youth Day on EWTN. I just got cable this summer after having not been able to watch the coverage Pope John Paul II’s funeral, and I’m glad I did. The Holy Father said he would continue the Year of the Eucharist, and his Eucharist-themed homily shows that he meant what he said. He reminded us of the union with Christ that we achieve that also unites us to each other in the Church.

At the end of the homily, the crowd chanted “Benedicto,” the Italian pronunciation of Benedict. The Holy Father just smiled and waved to the crowd. Well, now we see how the youth respond.

I must say that I do have high hopes for one term used by the Holy Father to become as famous as Pope John Paul II’s “Culture of Life” and “Culture of Death.” Before the election, then-Cardinal Ratzinger told the College of Cardinals that they must fight the “Dictatorship of Relativism.” This term, I hope, will soon become the theme for this papacy. The best way to restore a Culture of Life is with a Culture of Truth. Pope Benedict XVI has just gotten started, and I hope he lives long and is able to do much.

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