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  /   Wednesday August 31, 2005  

I found myself in a conscience discussion not too long ago, and I thought I’d pass along some resources.

This one is from EWTN.

There are two, here and here that may be useful from Catholics United for the Faith. If you aren’t a member, I recommend considering them.

Essentially, you can’t set your conscience against the teachings of the Church and then excuse yourself on grounds that you are following your conscience. This is true regardless of whether the teaching is recognized as infallible.

Here is my favorite quote from Veritatis Splendor:

(from Article 63) It is never acceptable to confuse a “subjective” error about moral good with the “objective” truth rationally proposed to man in virtue of his end, or to make the moral value of an act performed with a true and correct conscience equivalent to the moral value of an act performed by following the judgment of an erroneous conscience.

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