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Gas Station Run

  /   Friday September 02, 2005  

With hurricane Katrina, the rumors abound that there will be a gas shortage. The result has been a huge run on the gas stations. Since everyone is filling up, the stations are running out of gas, causing the predicted shortage. I wonder if anyone realized that. On top of that, people like me who are sometimes skeptical of this stuff have decided to fill up because gas stations are running out of gas, making the problem worse. I only had to buy half a tank of gas, but it cost me thirty bucks.

Well, seriously now, let’s pray for those affected, and donate or help out if you can. I have a coworker who hasn’t heard from her family in days because they have no phone nor any electricity. I’m sure she is not alone. Another friend of mine has located most of her family, but the time just before that was quite stressful. Many of her family have lost their homes and their jobs because their area is totally destroyed. I’ve never realized the real human impact of storms like this before.

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