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On the Love of God

  /   Saturday November 12, 2005  

I am currently reading Peter Kreeft’s book entitled The God Who Loves You. I haven’t read much of him lately, so I’m glad to have this opportunity. Often times, I have a bad habit of reducing this all-important fact to some intellectual nicety.

I remember someone telling me that he didn’t believe that God loves everyone. He thought that this was nonsense. Dr. Kreeft has an insight into this. God doesn’t love me because of any good thing I have done; rather, he loves me because of who he is. Not only does this tend to make one realize that his love can never be lost, but it also deflates one’s ego.

Yet, how do we treat this one who loves us? All too often, there is the temptation to say that because God loves us so much, we can safely neglect him without worry. After all, he loves us. He’ll understand. Is that how we treat anyone who loves us? No, it isn’t. We know that one who loves us wants our love in return. We will think much of this one and probably talk much about this one. We will live in this love. So, let us love God in return.

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