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  /   Sunday November 13, 2005  

I was surfing Catholic Exchange, and I noticed this article, which was a critique of a New York Times Editorial by Peter Steinfels. As I read the quotes from Steinfels, I realized that the article was referring to an article that was used in a talk that I went to recently.

I just loved the part about seminarians resisting “learning” because they had “pre-conceived ideas about theology.” Well, I would resist learning about flatness of the earth because of my “pre-conceived” idea that the world is round. Those who call others “closed-minded” are often closed-minded to the idea of God having actually revealed himself and having made the truth known.

I also liked the part about how the investigation of U.S. seminaries focuses on “exercises of piety” and not “social justice.” It reminds me of an episode of a TV show in which someone said that it’s the work they do in the soup kitchen that makes the Mass meaningful. In fact, the reverse is true.

The seminarians I know are among the most outstanding men I have ever met. These are men who are making great sacrifices in order to serve the Church. They do this for love of the one who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. They need our support and our prayers, and they have the right to receive authentic Catholic teaching in the seminary. That’s what this investigation is really about.

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