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  /   Friday November 25, 2005  

Long live Pope Benedict XVI! We now see him in action dealing with heterodoxy. This action reminds me of Fr. Rob Johansen’s post on Romanitas. He has not only restored the control of the bishop over the Franciscan bascillicas that have sponsored rather scandalous “peace” conferences, but he has also rendered a member of the curia harmless by placing him over a small diocese and having him answer to Cardinal Ruini.

Many have cried “oppression” at such moves. I just can’t understand this. How can one condone the reception of one of Hussein’s right-hand men? I would think that woudl cross the line even for the most liberal of people, unless of course they thought it was the kind of “love and understanding” that will bring “peace.” I guess what I’m not understanding is how genuine peace can be brought about without conversion of heart.

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